I Sweat Every Single Day But Never Break Out Thanks to These 19 Products

I Sweat Every Single Day But Never Break Out Thanks to These TK Products


Courtesy of Megan Roup

The Lineup is a monthly series where we’re giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can’t-live-without products that make their worlds go round.

After nearly a year of social distancing, we've all become pros at adapting our whole lives, especially our beauty routines, to staying home. If, like so many others, this moment has inspired you to enter the at-home workout game, then you're probably already familiar with fitness pro Megan Roup, founder of beloved workout app The Sculpt Society. You may recognize Roup as the dancer-turned-trainer credited for keeping countless models and celebs in fighting shape, but now, she shares her killer upbeat workouts with anyone who's got a screen and a call to sweat. Since the start of the pandemic, the app has grown by a whopping 700%, signaling that her approachable dance-cardio classes are not only effective but also fun. Honestly, what else could you ask for from a workout?

It's no secret that fitness is one of the best outlets to support physical and emotional well-being, but breaking a daily sweat comes with its challenges. Aside from the disruption to our meticulously planned hair-washing schedules, you might be worried that the increased secretion might also do a number on your skin. According to Roup, that's not really the case! "I think what you eat is incredibly important to skin health as well as exercise," she tells us. As someone who grew up with relatively clear skin, Roup assures us that her shift to daily sweat sessions never resulted in copious breakouts. "Luckily, I always had pretty clear skin growing up. I would and still get the occasional pimple, but I never went through hormonal acne like so many kids do," she says. Her major skin concerns these days? Dryness and melasma.

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Courtesy of Megan Roup

Derms point to melasma as one of the hardest forms of hyperpigmentation to treat since it's largely linked to hormones. Roup recently announced that she's pregnant, so this fact is especially poignant now. But she did clue us in to some treatments that made a world of difference in the appearance of the dark spots. "Before my wedding last summer, I did a mix of Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel lasers with Paul Frank, MD, and I saw amazing results for my melasma. Finding a good dermatologist is so important, and I would recommend those treatments," she says. Besides her recent penchant for laser treatments, Roup says that watching her mom's diligence when it comes to beauty and skincare has informed much of how she takes care of herself today. "She has always taken care of herself and put time into her skincare routine. I love watching her put her makeup on—she always keeps things very simple and natural and knows how to work with her features."

Keep scrolling for more of Roup's beauty insights and the 19 products she can't live without, including the SPF she loves most (her beauty philosophy is to keep it simple and always wear sunscreen) and the bumpcare items she's slathering on to support her skin as it expands during pregnancy.

"I love Megababe products, and its hand sanitizer came out right as COVID hit. It’s, hands down, my favorite out there."

"I have been wearing Supergoop! products for years now, and these two are my absolute favorite. The Unseen Sunscreen is perfect as an invisible primer and leaves your skin feeling super silky."

"Glowscreen mixes perfectly into your moisturizer or on its own to give you a glowy, dewy look plus protection from the sun."

"love this primer on the days I don't want to wear much makeup and am looking for a little bit of coverage and tint."

"I have used this serum for years, and it's been a staple in my routine. Estée Lauder makes some of the first products I remember my mom suggesting I invest in. They're timeless and never disappoint."

"I recently discovered this moisturizer and love how it makes my skin feel. I have incredibly dry skin and am always on the hunt for a thick moisturizer—this one does the trick."

"I love to use face oil after serum and moisturizer. I got this oil in an Amazon Luxury Store bundle called Forever Favorites. The oil feels so nourishing, especially in the winter."

"Hands down the thickest cream I have ever tried, and it's also the cheapest cream on the list. I love using it all over my body and face. If you have super-dry skin, this one's for you!"

"This light cleanser smells so good, and I often use it in the shower to give off some aromatherapy. Kora Organics has beautiful products, and I love that this cleanser doesn't dry out my skin."

"I love to use this at night to take off my makeup and cleanse my skin. It's thick and feels really rich on the skin, so it doesn't dry you out. I'm normally not a big cleansing-balm person, but Elemis has made me into a believer."

"I am obsessed with the luminous scent. It's so yummy, and the Belly Butter literally melts on your skin."

"My friend Nicole Berrie of Bonberi got this oil for me when I got pregnant, and I love how thick and nourishing it feels."

"I recently discovered this balm and am completely obsessed. Whether on its own or over lipstick, it is so, so good! Plus, a little goes a long way."

"These Bronzing Face Drops are really easy to use. Mix them in your face cream or use them by themselves, and they leave you with a buildable, natural-looking tan."

"I'm taking prenatals, but Ritual also has amazing women essentials for those over 18. I love this brand so much. It is very transparent about what it puts into its vitamins, and everything is 100% science backed and formulated with no allergens. It also has a delayed-release capsule, so they don't upset my stomach."

"I am a big believer in gut health and how it can affect your overall well-being. I have been taking Seed for years, and it's definitely one of the best pre+probiotics out there."

"Some of my favorite bodywashes! The brand has amazing scents that make being in the shower more like a spa experience."

"I love magnesium spray at night, and this is one of my favorite products to use as I unwind before getting into bed. It really relaxes my muscles, and I always sleep so much better."

"I am about to finish this bottle and am so sad. Not only does it smell amazing, but it's also light and the perfect serum before I put on my moisturizer."

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