This Is a Rather Surprising Outfit for Mary-Kate Olsen

Adrianna Barrionuevo

Mary-Kate Olsen is easily in every fashion girl's top list of style icons. The former actress-turned-designer is known for her impeccably chic outfits, which are mostly made up of black pieces with some white from time to time. We'd be hard-pressed to think of a time when MK wore a piece of clothing that wasn't black (even her bathing suits are black). That is, until now.

Just when we thought the Olsen twin had stunned us when she wore toe-exposing flip-flops recently, the style aficionado surprised us yet again over the weekend when she donned a bright red coat. No, this is not a drill. Mary-Kate not only opted to drape herself in a bold colour, but she also accessorised with an oversize coral ring and a colourful beaded necklace to match. Her sporty black sandals grounded her look, and her camel tote complemented the crimson jacket and made it the star of the show-stopping ensemble.

See Mary-Kate's surprising outfit choice below and shop a ring inspired by MK's!


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