Margot Robbie Wore This Controversial Color to a Black-Tie Wedding

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As a Best Actress Oscar nominee for I, Tonya, Margot Robbie has had plenty of black-tie occasions to dress up for as of late. Over the weekend, though, the actress attended a different sort of black-tie occasions with her husband, Tom Ackerley—the wedding of one of her best friends in her native Australia—and Ackerley documented it all on Instagram (as one does).

After wearing white to a wedding, one of the most common faux pas we hear of is wearing red to someone's nuptials as the bold color is said to distract from the couple. But Robbie just proved that it is, indeed, possible to pull the color off in a tasteful way. For starters, her The Vampire's Wife dress was quite modest (a red and revealing dress could certainly be a distraction). Not only that, but it had a metallic sheen to it that muted the bold color and simultaneously added to the formality of the dress.

So, if you love to wear red (it is a current It color, after all), you'd be wise to follow Robbie's lead the next time a wedding invitation says black tie. 


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