Meet the New Zealand Brand Making Clothes That Look Good and Do Good

It’s no secret that we love using Instagram to find new places to shop (it’s about to get a lot easier, mind you) and the more great brands we find on our feed, the more start popping up in our explore pages. Sure, we’ve admittedly “liked” and “saved” hundreds of clothing brand-related photos at this point—but we're not complaining. Some amazing brands are lurking on the app, and without it it's  sad to think we may have never found them.

So without further ado, our latest discovery, thanks to a post on @manrepeller: Maggie Marilyn. Though we've seen the brand lurking on Net-a-Porter and hanging on the racks at David Jones, it wasn’t until scrolling through their Insta that we realised we needed basically every single item of theirs; you’re likely to experience the same feeling. Their garments are undeniably beautiful. With modern takes on classical silhouettes, the brand seems at once timeless and fun—AKA the goal.

To find out more about the brand, we snooped around on the brand’s website a bit, and it only fuelled the fire. First of all, Maggie Marilyn hails from New Zealand which is an automatic bonus. Being close to home, the brand is more tapped into our trends and seasons, unlike other overseas designers who are constantly operating opposite of us. But better yet, the brand is environmentally conscious: “Maggie is determined to not only make clothes for living beautifully but to also make a change for good in an industry that itself is reflecting on constant speculation regarding its ethical and environmental footprint”. The site makes a good point, noting that fair wages and sustainable practices should be “basic necessities of the fashion business”— and we couldn’t agree more.

Supporting designers who take a stance and do what they believe is right is something that needs to happen more in the industry. Seeing brands like Maggie Marilyn makes us hopeful that fashion will start making changes for the better. When the fashion industry is one of the planet's major polluters, it's clear that something needs to change. So we applaud Maggie Marilyn for taking a step in the right direction. To see some of our favourite styles (and to shop, if you’re feeling so inclined) keep scrolling.

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