The Jewellery Trend We're Ready to See Return

Amanda Bardas

One of the most special things you can do to treat yourself, is buy jewellery. When you’re having one of those days where you feel ‘blah’, you know a new necklace or fun earrings will be an instant pick-me-up (and will fit no matter what you ate for lunch). There will always be a place in your collection for dainty, fine jewels—they’ve moved away from being just a trend piece. Your fine slivers of gold and silver are your signature pieces—layered on your body day in, day out, that have become a part of you, and something you won’t part with. Which means, it’s safe to break away and do something you haven’t in a while—bring colour and boldness back into your jewellery box.

Australian accessory label Lucy Folk is who we’re turning to, to mix up our jewellery collection. Combining bright colours, interesting shapes, and different materials (like crochet), this is just what our go-to winter outfit needs to feel fresh.

Read on for some inspo on how to style the collection, and shop some of our favourite bold jewellery.

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