The Only 3 Hair Colours Fashion Girls Are Loving in 2019

Amanda Montell

Like a judiciously placed earring or signature handbag, the right hair colour can make an entire lewk. Unlike your other accessories, though, your hair colour is a slightly longer-term commitment. Fashion girls know the significance of a trademark shade (whether that's something bold or more natural), but unless you're one of those rare birds who actually enjoys spending every other weekend in the salon, having a fairly low-maintenance hair colour is a fashion-girl priority, too.

While strategising our hair colour inspo for 2019, we couldn't help but notice that the vast majority of our favourite fashion influencers fall into one of three consistent hair colour categories, each representing a different style identity. It's true: Scrolling through our Instagram feeds, we realised that there's really only a small trio of hair colours dominating the fashion crowd so far this year. Curious? Keep scrolling to see the only three hair colours fashion girls are wearing in 2019.

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