Sorry, New York—This City's Winning the Athleisure Game

Aemilia Madden


Chalk it up to the "chill" lifestyle or the creatives flocking out West, but Los Angeles is in the middle of an athleisure renaissance. The city is chock-full of indie brands who are putting their own twists on the casual classics already spilling out of your dresser drawers. While sweatshirts, leggings, and sports bras were once merely pieces you threw on when you didn't care what you were wearing, L.A.'s burgeoning population of cool athleisure lines is changing all of that.

While the same "hypebeast" fervor is still in its infancy in the women's space, the brands below are poised to prove that the obsession with athleisure is long from over, and there's no city that's capturing the essence of the style better than Los Angeles (sorry, New York). And while some brands are focusing separately on "menswear" and "womenswear," others are championing styles that work universally. So, if you're ready to read about the brands to have on your radar, check them out (and shop them too), below.

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