What to Do When You Finally Realise All Your Shorts Are Too Short

Allyson Payer


Fun fact about me: Once the outdoor temperature warms up, I pretty much live in shorts until autumn. But something unusual occurred when I pulled out my collection of shorts for the first time this season: Almost every pair I tried on was suddenly way too short. Now I know that it's my perception that's changed and not the length of my legs (unfortunately), so what gives?

I'm not saying that you shouldn't wear shorts of a certain inseam after a certain age by any means. It's all about personal preference. And as I've inched closer to my mid-30s, my hemlines have been getting just a bit closer to my knees. So I guess 2018 is the year that I say goodbye to two-inch inseams (which are surprisingly common with shorts) and say hello to shorts that feature inseams that are three inches or longer. Luckily, there are plenty of those on the market too, and Bermuda shorts are even having a moment. See me blissfully wearing my short shorts just a year ago and shop the stylish longer shorts I'm currently coveting below.

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