8 Local Designers Share Their Long Weekend Packing Tips


Gary Pepper Girl shot by Luke Shadbolt for Kiehl's

With the long weekend coming right up, we tracked down eight fashion industry insiders who are seasoned travellers, to find out how they best pack their bags. If you haven’t already booked a place to go, there’s still time to plan a mini weekend escape. 

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Beth Macgraw

''My suitcase non-negotiables are Macgraw sweat pants and calypso top, Converse, dry shampoo and Bose headphones. I’ve learned that I don't need to take everything… particularly when traveling with my boyfriend! As much as I am a lover of colour, my foolproof outfit is black and white. It's easy to care for and I always feel good. I also try each outfit on before I go so I know I'm covered and what to expect.''

Tessa Macgraw

''I always pack a crisp white shirt, black blazer and cigarette trousers, a fragrance and Bose headphones. I’ve found a great suitcase that expands so I can always fit more if I find treasures along the way. I prefer to be prepared with space because I know I need it! My go-to outfit generally involves a blazer and a shirt. It always has. I either match it with a trouser or a skirt—I love matching outfits."

''My suitcase essentials would be denim, a great day-to-night shoe, jumpsuits because they’re easy, a jacket I can throw over everything and of course sunglasses in a few styles and colours. I try and gather everything I want to take a couple of days before and then discard half so I don’t over pack. My fool-proof formula is to prepare all of my outfits with a monochrome colour palette and then bring a little jazz to my outfits with accessories. That being said, there are always one or two crazy things I throw in my suitcase at the last minute that are location appropriate – and I never end up wearing them because they’re ridiculous!''

''I prefer to travel light and fold all of my clothes—it’s quicker and easier. Overall, I normally take around 10 pieces of jewellery.  Based on the destination, I select my favourites and mix it up when I get there.  I always place the jewellery in separate little pouches for protection and to avoid getting things tangled. I love to mix and match my outfits, for example, I take plenty of white T-shirts. One day I’ll wear it casually and then next I’ll wear it out at night with a pair of heels.''

Julia Ritorto

''I’m so over the top when it comes to preserving my much-loved accessories! I keep all my jewellery in their original boxes and pack those, not great for space but at least I know they’re safe! If I have an event to attend or an important meeting I keep an outfit or two hanging in a garment bag, it means they are totally crisp and fresh post-flight. My packing list always includes Klorane dry shampoo, chargers, Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, my travel mini make-up bag and ear plugs, lots of ear plugs!''

Kathryn Forth

''I always pack silk pieces that are easily layered. Silk can get easily creased so I just spray lightly with water and hang at night before bed, and in the morning all the creases from packing have fallen away. Genius! I also keep all my jewellery in individual zip lock bags to protect tangling and then pop them in a little neoprene pouch. Waterproof and protected from knocks in the suitcase. The rest of my packing ritual is very sensible and things that are good for freshening up on the go—Aesop skincare, Klorane dry shampoo, a ceramic hair straightener, a huge pack of hair-ties and bobby pins.''

''Over the years I’ve learnt from many a packing disaster. As a result, I now fold as lightly and with as few folds as possible. I’d call it more of a ‘drape’ rather than a fold. I always pack some ATA peep toe flats, grey drop crotch pants I picked up in Bologna 10 years ago, Bassike tanks for layering under vintage blouses, a black tailored tuxedo jacket to take any outfit to the next level and ATA Move Pockets to keep my tight edit of beauty products and charges compartmentalised. Depending on the trip, I’ll take a few ATA carry options. From Leather Pockets (which I can wear from day to eve) to my Bucket: and always a Tote. For a long weekend, I travel with my ATA Tote rather than a suitcase.''

''For me, it’s all about packing light so you’re not held back on your adventure by lugging heavy luggage around with you. Focus on packing only versatile garments, which can be worn day-to-night and versatile in styling so you can double up on outfits. Be creative and mix-n-match by packing your favourite garments that are timeless so you’ll always feel comfortable and confident. There is no point wasting space with an ‘out there’ piece you have never worn before because chances are, you won’t even end up wearing it. By spending 10 minutes sorting out your packing list, you’ll save time and effort while you are away.''

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