10/10 Insiders Are Trying This Styling Trick

Kristen Nichols

Turtlenecks might seem like a winter staple, but they can also be a great transitional piece in the right fabric. And, sure, they look great worn simply with a pair of jeans and boots, but fashion girls are showing us interesting new ways of wearing them. Instead of wearing turtlenecks by themselves, fashion girls are instead layering them underneath other wardrobe items—namely, jumpsuits and button-down tops.

Really the magic here is that you can start breaking out some of your spring staples earlier than you usually would. By layering a turtleneck underneath a jumpsuit, it adds an extra level of warmth and a cool styling element that completely transforms the look.

The same goes for a button-down top with a turtleneck beneath—tucked it into a pair of jeans and undo the buttons halfway down. If you’re up for trying out the look, we’ve rounded up the very best turtlenecks of the moment including cool shades from lilac to buttercup yellow to black.

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