True Story: I Sold This Bag, and I Wish I Had It Back

Kristen Nichols

I remember saving away for one of my first designer pieces—it was one those Gucci bags just covered in logos and I carried it everywhere. I felt a little more stylish every time I wore it and was convinced I’d have that bag forever.

But, there was a certain point where wearing logos didn’t seem cool anymore. They felt a little too showy and I stopped wearing them completely. Instead, I opted for more discreet Mansur Gavriel bags and pieces from Celine where there were no flashy logos and the brand names were nearly impossible to find. This is around the time I sold my Gucci bag.

I was happy to be free of anything tied to a brand and felt liberated by wearing well-cut pieces that didn’t need to be validated by having a logo slapped across the side. But something changed in the last year or two. Logos are back in a huge way but are being worn in a new way that’s more subtle and less in your face. So now I’m regretting that I sold that very nostalgic Gucci bag. I wish I had it back in my closet and have even been considering buying a new version.

While I’m still not of the mindset to dress in head-to-toe designer pieces, I think that the logo can be cool but it requires a stealth approach. A logo bag can look stylish when you stick to simple classics like a t-shirt and jeans or a minimal dress and loafers. I think the lesson here is that fashion goes in and out, and we need to hold onto the things we really love. Even if pieces are “out” right now, they will most certainly come back.

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