Is This the Most Photogenic Bag Ever?

Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour

When you pay attention to street style as much as we do, you start to notice the pieces that are repeatedly seen on the stylish elite and look great in photos. And while these photogenic pieces usually manifest themselves in the form of, say, statement heels or an of-the-moment dress silhouette, the latest crop of street style imagery has all signs pointing to something else: a bag. (The Loewe Puzzle bag, to be exact.)

Back in April, when we deemed Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe (pronounced: Lo-EE-vay) the next big thing, we couldn’t have imagined the level to which the brand’s latest piece would skyrocket on the streets. With everyone from bloggers to editors to off-duty models sporting the purse, we had trouble narrowing down our favourite photos to a meager gallery of 35. Nonetheless, we did, and upon seeing the evidence, we think you’ll agree that among being versatile, wearable, and above all, a thing of sartorial beauty. The Puzzle, simply put, is the most photogenic bag ever.

Click on the gallery below to see (and shop!) the bag.

Which street style snap gave you the most bag envy? Tell us in the comments!

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