Let Us Guess Which Type of Lingerie You Buy

Among other things, we’ve already taken a stab at pairing you with a shoe trend and a swimsuit style by zodiac sign, and if you ask us, we think we did a pretty good job. So what’s next? Naturally, lingerie. Today we’ve taken it upon ourselves to guess which type of lingerie you by, according to some of your astrological sign’s most prominent features. From adventurous Aries to attention-loving Leo, scroll through to find your sign, read about your traits, and see what our lingerie pick is for you. Plus, if you don’t already own it (though we’re banking that you just might), shop your pick while you’re at it. What are you waiting for?


Adventurous, energetic, and always on the go, Aries are definitely suited for a functional yet fashionable sports bra.


The reliable and loving Taurus needs lingerie to match, which is why we’re betting they love a practical yet pretty bralette.


Gemini’s youthful and lively personality lends perfectly to a playful teddy.


For the ever-changing moods of the Cancer, a multifunctional bra is ideal. The below bralette can be worn two ways, with the straps hooked together or open, depending on your top.

Available in sizes XS to L.


Attention-loving Leos will want something they can show off, so a lacey cami should do the trick.


A Virgo’s modest and shy yet practical proclivities are the perfect recipe for cute and comfortable full-coverage briefs.


Romantic yet easygoing Libras were born to lounge around in a luxe robe.

Available in sizes XS to L.


The powerful and passionate personality of a Scorpio lends itself to a “go big or go home” outlook on lingerie. Enter: the lacy bodysuit.


Sagittarius’s freedom-loving and good-humored personality goes perfectly with a comfortable, vibrant pajama set that can also double as statement streetwear.

Available in sizes XXS to XXL.


Responsible Capricorns would definitely invest in a practical everyday bra they’ll get plenty of use out of.


Original and independent Aquarians are sure to use something unique and statement-making.


The wise yet artistic Pisces would choose a basic piece with a flair of whimsy. These everyday thongs in trendy, of-the-moment pastel colors seem to be just the thing.

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