Your Ultimate Lingerie Overhaul for 2016

Valentine’s Day is coming—but that’s not the only reason why you should update your smalls. How are you meant to give all those amazing outfits you’ve been planning for the year ahead the best start if your undergarments are all wrong? Realistically, you only need four different types of bras—skin colour, black, lace-cup and strapless to make every outfit work.  

Keep scrolling to read why you need one of each and shop our ultimate lingerie edit.

Lace-cup bras are made for sheer shirts and for showing off under low-cut singlets. 

Wear under any of your dark tops—especially handy if you happen to be in a photo with a flash—a black bra will stop you from showing off what you shouldn’t be.

It might not be very sexy, but neither is showing off your bra under a white shirt in a meeting. Keep it classy and keep one of these handy at all times.

You’ve gone out and bought an amazing top or dress—don’t ruin it with visible bra straps.  

What's your go-to style of lingerie? Share your favourite in the comments below.

Opening image: Sandra Semburg for A Love Is Blind

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