Lingerie That Celebrates Women of All Sizes (Because, Duh)

Lauren Eggertsen

Lonely Lingerie

In a perfect world, every brand everywhere would offer sizing that suited every body in existence. Is that currently the case? It, unfortunately, is not. Without ignoring the fact that most brands are size-exclusive these days, we decided to take a walk on the positive side and take the time to praise brands that are celebrating people of all shapes and sizes, specifically in the lingerie department.

Obviously, there are many clothing sectors we could have ventured into today, including denim, swim, and athleisure, but we wanted to start with lingerie. Ahead, we've rounded up the lingerie brands for curvy women we are loving the most right now. Whether you're searching for an everyday bra that fits just right or that special something to throw on when you're feeling saucy, the handful of lingerie brands ahead are sure to leave your shopping desires fulfilled and your body celebrated.

Hopefully, you'll leave here today feeling well versed in the brands that carry beyond just a size 2 while maybe even finding a few new lingerie favourites. 

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