Lightweight Sweatshirts That Are Perfect for Summer

lightweight sweatshirts street style



So it happened: You prepped for the dog days of summer, the forever heat wave, and the beach days, but you forgot about those fickle evenings that bring brisk wind, a momentary chill, and slightly overcast skies. While you’re not quite ready to turn your entire summer wardrobe into one of long sleeves, full-length jeans, and outerwear that seems too bulky to be appropriate, you always have a lightweight knit on hand. After all, how else can you ensure maximum alfresco enjoyment without feeling like you want to turn on a heat lamp? That said, a full-blown sportswear sweatshirt can often feel a bit much, so we’ve turned to our growing arsenal of lightweight sweatshirts and we’ve never looked back.

Whether you’re seeking a chic style that boasts color-blocking, lace insets, or embellishment and embroidery or simply seeking a look that rings classic and simple, make sure to have a few lightweight sweatshirts on hand as you enter the hottest months of the year.

This summer, we’ve been particularly drawn to styles with extra details like a bell sleeve, shoulder ties, and unexpected V-neck looks. From Tibi, Alexander Wang, Tory Sport, and more, here are our favorite lightweight sweatshirts for summer.

This summer, try out this ultra-sporty trend—beginning with the above lightweight sweatshirts we love.

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