Lettuce Sweaters: The Easiest Way to Make Layering Look Pretty

Lauren Eggertsen

Style du Monde

Don't worry, there will be no actual lettuce sightings anywhere in this story, only some delicate ruffled details you might not have taken note of until now. During the colder months, layering is an inevitable wardrobe decision if you want to stay warm, and this fresh microtrend will have you guaranteed a pretty layered look every single time. 

Lettuce sweaters and tops are simply defined by the lettuce-looking trim that adorns them. What we love so much about this detail is that although tiny, it makes a huge impact on your overall outfit. Seeing the lettuce edges popping out from beneath your coat collar, extending past your sleeves, and along the hem of your top make for a unique focal point within your outfit that would have otherwise been lost. Here, we've gathered a handful of our favourite versions of this trend so you can start layering prettier and smarter.

Next time you want to reach for something simple yet effective in your closet, grab your lettuce top and call it a day.

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