How This New Label Will Help Simplify Your Life

Amanda Bardas

We’re always on the lookout for new labels, so you, our dear readers, are always in the know. One of the most exciting new brands we’ve come across recently, launches today—Less Leather—and it’s all about making your life easier. Less Leather is an independent leather label, simplifying the way you accessorise, and uses premium materials with no branding. And to make things even more interesting, the label only sells its products in ‘ensembles’, so you can keep your life (and accessories) streamlined.

To learn more about the label, we sat down with founder Jarrad McLean for a quick chat about the theory behind the label and what it aims to achieve. Keep scrolling to read our interview and shop an ensemble for yourself.

What do you think about this brand's philosophy? Is it something you could get behind? Share in the comments below.

Opening image: Liz Sunshine of Street Smith

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