How to Layer Pantyhose the Fashion Girl–Approved Way

We all know what the number one dressing rule is in the fall and wintertime: layer, layer, and layer. Whether it's a turtleneck bodysuit underneath an oversized sweater or a hoodie-and-blazer combo, putting on more than one item of clothing ensures warmth and the convenience of being able to take a piece off when you get too hot indoors. But there's one layering basic you might have forgotten about: tights.

Layering pantyhose is a great way to combat the chill, glam up your look with added color and texture, or a combination of the two. You can layer a pair of jeans over fishnet tights for eye-catching detail on the feet, or you can rock a bright-hued, patterned pair under a flowy maxi dress for just the right amount of pop (and warmth). Ahead, see how to layer pantyhose, and then shop our favorite tights on the market, from the super warm to the glitzy and glam.

The Best Way to Layer Pantyhose



Pick printed pantyhose to layer underneath a maxi skirt.

Layering Pantyhose is Simple—Here's How



Slip into sheer black tights and layer on knee-high boots for a chic outfit to wear day and night.

How Fashion Girls Layer Pantyhose



Sparkly pantyhose is a must for the festive season. Here, they're layered underneath an equally sparkly skirt for maximum shine.

Wear textured pantyhose underneath your leather pants for added warmth and detail.

How to Layer Pantyhose



Pick a poppy-hued pair for an unexpected splash of color.

The Best Layered Pantyhose Looks, Hands Down



The best way to transition shorts into the cold weather months? With a thick pair of tights.

Layer deconstructed denim over fishnet tights for a super-cool outfit.

Easy Ways to Layer Pantyhose



Pick sheer nylons and layer bright-colored socks on top.

Layering Pantyhose for Winter Is a Must



Match your tights to your boots.

Red tights look great layered underneath a crisp white frock.

Shop Our Favorite Tights

Next up, check out all the best New Year's Eve outfits with tights.

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