4 Layering Tops for the Office

Aemilia Madden

Wardrobe feeling stale? We all have those days when getting dressed for work feels especially repetitive, but sometimes all it takes is a little jolt of inspiration to offer up some perspective. For example, why wear just one top when you can mix and match two? As it turns out, the best tops for layering are ones you already own; all it takes are some new ways to put them together.

Below, we're highlighting four tops you already own and showing you exactly how to layer them in a way that offers you a whole new look. Playing with proportion, adding pops of colour, and of course pairing pieces in ways you never expected will convince you that even basics can feel like anything but. To help you nail these layered ensembles, we picked out a few pieces we love now, just in case you're collection needs a boost. Check it all out below.

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