The First Peek at Lauren Conrad's Halloween Costume Is Here

Erin Fitzpatrick

There's no doubt about it: Lauren Conrad is the queen of Halloween. In the last several years, she's been a "party animal," a tooth fairy, a mermaid, and Mary Poppins, just to name a few costumes. Her costumes are always in line with her personal style, and are way more chic than pre-packaged iterations. We've been waiting with bated breath to see what she'll come up with this year, and now we have our very first peek.

Her website,, posted new photos on Instagram stories, revealing a D.I.Y project Conrad is working on for the holiday. All we know so far: It's going to be super feminine, complete with feathers, ribbon, and sequins—in pastel pink, naturally. We're dying to hear your guesses as to what Conrad has up her sleeve. Perhaps a ballerina? A flapper? Glinda the Good Witch? Only time will tell.

Scroll down to see's Instagram stories, revealing a pretty Halloween D.I.Y. project!

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