9 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Wear With Jeans

Carson Olivares

When it comes to Halloween, we’re sure you’ve seen your fair share of original couple costumes and celebrity-inspired ideas for individuals. Yes, there are plenty of ideas out there, but in our busy lives, it’s easy to leave things until the last minute. If you’re like us and still on the hunt for that perfect outfit idea to get you into the spirit, consider this your ultimate last-minute Halloween guise guide. Each of these ensembles is easy to throw together in a pinch, we promise.

Even better, all of these wicked wardrobes start with one piece we’re sure you already own: a pair of jeans. That's right, each of these looks center around the piece you wear every day (or close to it). From ’70s-inspired looks to current plays on pop culture, here are our top nine Halloween costumes you can wear with your baby blues.

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