This Man's Only Job Is to Protect a $2 Million Bra

We bet you thought that the model who wears the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra in the brand’s annual runway show has the most stressful job of the season. But you’d be wrong—just meet the bra’s security guard.

Wherever the Fantasy Bra—this year it’s a $2 million creation to be worn by Angel Lais Ribeiro—goes, Bobby “Bluetooth” Baccaloni follows. He’s the man who’s been charged with guarding the bra with his life… or at the very least, with all his time.

Bobby might not have the official Angel title, but when it comes to the most precious Victoria's Secret design, he's as close as they come to one. Take a look at how the Fantasy Bra is protected below, then shop the style closest to it (without all the jewels and epic price tag).

Mark your calendars: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai airs on Tuesday, November 28 at 10/9C on CBS.

Opening Image: Getty