Kylie Jenner Merch Is Here, and It's Actually Hilarious

Gina Marinelli

Honestly, we still have no idea what exactly will be stocked in The Kylie Shop when it finally launches in T-17 days. But in the latest peek from the youngest Jenner, there’s one very unexpected thing we can count on. Humour. Specifically, the self-deprecating kind.

In the latest Instagram post on Jenner’s store account, she’s posted a photo of a T-shirt that reads “like, realising stuff,” a quote from a somewhat confusing New Year’s resolutions video she posted in January. “I feel like this year is really about, like, the year of just realising stuff. And everyone around me, we’re all just, like, realising things,’ she famously said.

Looking back, perhaps it wasn’t the most eloquent way of expressing a resolution (hey, we’ve been there, Kylie), but it does make for a very funny T-shirt. And clearly, the mastermind behind it thinks so, too.

Scroll down to take a peek at the tee and the video that inspired it.


This year is just the year of ..

A photo posted by Official Kylie Jenner Shop (@thekylieshop) on

Are there any other Kylie Jenner quotes that deserve a T-shirt of their own? Make your suggestions in the comments then shop your own slogan tee.

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