Kylie Jenner's 21st Birthday Photo With Stormi Got a Million Likes in 8 Minutes

Erin Fitzpatrick

With a staggering 112 million Instagram followers to her name, it's safe to say that anything Kylie Jenner posts will go viral. But when she posts a new mother-daughter photo in honour of her milestone 21st birthday, you can bet her fans will pay special notice. In fact, just eight minutes after she shared her new Instagram with Stormi, she racked up 1,011,870 likes—and I took the screenshot to prove it!

"Bringing in my birthday tonight with my most special gift," Jenner captioned her photo. "What was life before you, Stormi. I love you my little angel." Jenner also shared a second image from her shoot, and it's bound to go viral along with the first. Scroll down to see the new photos in question.

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