The Different Stages of Kim Kardashian's Style Evolution

Amanda Stavropoulos

One thing has remained a constant in Kim Kardashian West’s style over the years—she’s always perfectly groomed and polished, even if the look she’s going for is ‘undone’, she still manages to look supremely put-together.

It’s no secret Kim has undergone an extreme makeover since Kanye West came into her life— there was an immediate change to her style when the couple first got together in early 2012, but how has it evolved since then? Major life changes often lead people to alter their appearance. How many of your friends (or you?) have chopped or dyed their hair after a break up? Who else has started to wear pieces they never thought they would as they’ve gotten older? In the space of a few short years, Kim has gone through a few major milestones, and each one saw her style evolve once more.

Kim has had four distinct style eras, and today, we’re taking you through each one, showing you the most memorable (and best) looks in each era to honour her birthday today. Kim, if you’re reading, we

Keep scrolling to see Kim’s most memorable looks over the last five years.

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