Kim Kardashian Wore a Belt With Her Leggings—And it Actually Worked

Ladies (and gentlemen), Kim Kardashian just made the impossible, possible. She dressed-up ¾ leggings and a baggy tee, and it actually worked. Fashion isn’t a multi-billion dollar industry for no reason—it’s ever evolving (just like a Pokémon) and inspiring, and Kim Kardashian knows what to do to keep things fresh.

It’s no secret athleisure is dominating the fashion industry right now, and off-duty models have been the driving force behind some of the years’ biggest trends. Casual pieces like bomber jackets, leggings, tees, and sneakers have ruled 2016, and we’re constantly looking at ways to revamp them. Kim has succeeded in doing just that.

Ask us three months ago if we would ever pair stilettos with ¾ leggings, a baggy tee, and a waist belt (that kinda resembles a waist-trainer), and we probably would’ve LOL’d. But now? The look seems perfect for a girls' night out. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to see Kim’s look, and then shop similar pieces to recreate it.


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The reason this look works so well, TBH, is because it's all-black. Follow Kim's lead and keep your look tonal. 

This long tunic top is made for being a layering piece.

Wear them to the gym, then wear them out. Win.

This belt will instantly elevate any look.

Two-strap heels are the answer to everything

Will you try this new look? Let us know how you'd style it in the comments below.

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