Kim Kardashian's Latest Accessory Proves Everyone Loves a DIY

Kim Kardashian loves her chokers. At a recent Revolve event she begged that they never go out of style, telling Elle "I can't get rid of them. I love them. I want chokers to stay around a little bit longer. I hope so, anyway. Let's keep them going.” We totally agree—we can’t get enough the ’90s accessory staple. Chokers give every outfit a cool edge (today I’m wearing a white shirt and denim skirt, but my gold Bauble Bar choker instantly elevates it), and now that we’ve done the simple velvet choker, neck tie, and crystal choker, it’s time to turn to other fabrications.

Yesterday on her Snapchat, Kim revealed the choker she was wearing was one she made herself. Pretty cool that she still loves a DIY. The choker in question was a thick strip of denim with distressing on both edges.

Scroll to see the look and discover how we’re recreating it.


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On Kim Kardashian: DIY denim choker, Yeezy High Knit Boots ($1295) (Kardashian in custom black version).

What you'll need:



Safety pin



Step 1: Find an old pair of straight leg or flared jeans (it's casual Friday, are you wearing a pair right now?). The jeans you choose need to be either straight leg or flared so there's enough denim to fit around your neck. 

Step 2: Cut the hem off your jeans so you're left with a frayed hem. (See here for example)

Step 3: Decide how thick you'd like your choker (we recommend an inch), and snip the length from the bottom of your jeans so you're left with two circular strips. 

Step 4: Take your sandpaper, and run it along the edges of your denim strips so they fray.

Step 5: Your denim strips will have two seams running length-ways. Cut straight down one of the strips so your left with one long denim strip.

Step 6: You're almost done! Grab your denim strip, tie it around your neck just like any other necklace, and secure with a safety pin. 

If a DIY isn't your thing, we found one you can shop on Etsy for only $12!


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