Wait, Why Is Everyone Dressing Like a Park Ranger?

Nicole Kliest

It's fair to claim that a significant percentage of trends we've embraced over the years have been derived from some sort of utilitarian background or another. Just think about it: trench coats, lace-up workwear boots, overalls… The common thread with all of these stylish pieces is that they have roots in functionality before fashion. Such is the case when it comes to today's spotlight: khakis (aka park ranger pants).

These slightly stiff bottoms evoke various memories for all of us. For many, it's horrible school uniforms. For others, it's questionable fashion choices in the '90s. But much like any trend that's granted the opportunity to revive itself in a contemporary context, khakis are actually proving to be an MVP for the arrival of fall. Lately, we've spotted the preppy pants on some of our favourite (and might we mention, not preppy) stylists, editors, and off-duty models during fashion week. The result? We want in on the action.

Not only do khakis work similarly to denim in the sense that they can act as a neutral and thus pair well with every other colour and pattern, but they also innately feel more dressed up than jeans. Scroll down for spot-on ways to style khakis right now and to shop our picks to test-drive the trend yourself. If it doesn't work out, at least you know you have a future as a park ranger (maybe).

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