The Affordable Autumn Finds Kendall Jenner Would Love

by Blaire Epstein

With the help of her stylist, Monica Rose, Kendall Jenner has curated one of the most covetable model-off-duty closets in Hollywood. When talking about her own personal style on her website last year, Kendall explained, “I’m simple, clean and I don’t like anything too crazy.” While it seems Kendall has begun taking more fashion risks since then, she continues to be the modern icon for quintessential California style.

Though she is seen wearing affordable items from time to time, for many of us, there isn’t much wiggle room in our budgets to splurge on $1000 pants or $700 boots like Kendall does—but sprucing up our closet with KJ-inspired pieces without breaking the bank is doable. Lucky for us, fast fashion saves the day by taking heavy inspiration from our favourite luxury brands to bring us beautiful clothes that won’t give us buyer’s remorse. Ready to see the proof?

Keep reading to see the fast-fashion finds Kendall Jenner would love.

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