Kendall Jenner Just Convinced Us We Need These Crazy Boots

Amanda Stavropoulos

Ladies, we have to thank Kendall Jenner for making it okay to wear head-to-toe leopard print again. We were getting worried for a while there that the trend would never re-emerge, but thankfully, at the end of New York Fashion Week, Jenner emerged from the Marc Jacobs show in the ultimate ’90s grunge look. Paring a leopard print jacket with a matching silk slip was genius enough, but the addition of platform patent boots and a choker, made the look that much cooler.

The reason why it works and feels so fresh is because the two different leopard prints she chose to pair, were so similar—it almost looks like a coordinated set (which you’d already know is the key to easy dressing). If you’re convinced you need to try the look, we’d save it for a night-time event.

Keep scrolling to see Kendall Jenner in head-to-toe leopard print, and the most insane platform boots we need to have right now.

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