Are We Going to See "Leggings Boots" Everywhere Now?

Dacy Knight

If there are two things that will never cease to exist in a fashion girl's wardrobe, it's leggings and boots. Boots are basically the go-to footwear for any It girl or model off duty. And whether worn in leather, distressed, or basic black, leggings are forever a fail-safe bottom for any look. So it was only a matter of time before we were bound to witness a hybrid of the two fashion staples. Let us present to you: leggings boots.

Last night Kendall Jenner stepped out Paris in the head-turning hybrid—snake-print stiletto boots that went all the way up her leg. Taking thigh-high to the extreme (there was no end in sight) the daring look was the exact definition of leggings boots, and worked perfectly to finish off Jenner's red belted mini-dress. Tamara Mellon introduced leggings boots to the world late last year and the inventive piece was seen on Karlie Kloss. If models are already down with the trend, is it safe to say we're going to be seeing leggings boots everywhere now?

Keep scrolling to check out Kendall Jenner's leggings boots.


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On Kendall Jenner: Annelise Michelson Déchainée Earrings ($475); Unravel dress; Unravel corset; Balmain boots.

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