Can Someone Please Explain Kendall Jenner's Invisible Jeans to Us?

Aemilia Madden

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to setting the trends (in conjunction with her super-stylist Monica Rose), but on occasion, we spot the model out in styles that are notably new but may be tricky for most of us to pull off. The latest example: Kendall stepped out in Los Angeles in what we can only describe as “invisible pants.” While at first glance, it seems that Kendall is wearing cutoff denim shorts, but take a closer look, and you’ll see something unexpected. There are outside seams that run all the way down Kendall’s legs, connecting to a jean hem around her ankle.

If you feel inspired, the unusual take on jeans is something you could easily DIY, but there is an easier alternative to channeling her look, too. For a more accessible take on her look, try tucking an oversize button-down into your favourite pair of cutoffs, letting the bottom of the shirt peek through the bottom hem of your shorts. Finish the simple ensemble off with a pair of white sneakers, and you’ll be dressed and ready for a low-key weekend.

Curious to check out Kendall’s unique look? See the ensemble below, then shop denim shorts to get a simpler take on her ensemble!

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