The #1 Trend Kendall Jenner Will Wear for the Next 3 Months

Bobby Schuessler

We always rely on Kendall Jenner to step out in the coolest, most forward-feeling trends. Her new way to wear a classic graphic tee, anyone? Well, while she'll undoubtedly test out a variety of inventive trends for the northern hemisphere's autumn, there's one in particular we'll see her in more than anything else. In fact, she's already wearing this particular look on repeat now. Kendall recently turned to her website to spill on her go-to autumn trend. "If there's one trend you can count on me wearing for autumn, it's velvet," she said. "So '90s, so sick, so chic!" We couldn't agree more. We've discussed at great length how velvet is one of our favourite trends of the season as well. As Kendall has already proved, incorporating a velvet item—everything from ankle boots to jackets to dresses—into your wardrobe is the simplest way to elevate your vibe. We might be heading into spring, but while the weather is transitioning, velvet is the perfect fabric to wear.

Keep scrolling to check out one of our favourite images of Kendall wearing velvet. Plus, go a bit further to shop some of our favourite velvet pieces of the moment.

Will you test out velvet this season? Let us know in the comments below!

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