Kendall Jenner's Favourite Accessory Is So 1995

Aemilia Madden

Kendall Jenner may be a master in front of the camera, but the model also has a talent for stepping behind the lens and snapping photos. You only have to take a peek at her cool Instagram feed to know she has quite the photographer's eye. So, it's only appropriate that Kendall have the right accessories for the job, namely a vintage film camera for snapping just the right shot. Sure, her iPhone may work in a pinch, but Kendall makes a point to have the real deal on hand. 

She has been spotted toting around her camera before, but what makes the Pentax piece feel extra special is her custom camera strap. The same thick strap has been a favourite among street style stars who have used it to dress up their favourite bags. So, will Kendall spark a new (but really, old) enthusiasm for carrying a real camera? We'll let you decide.

Read on to see how Kendall accessorised her look with the practical accessory, then shop her style!

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