Pay Attention: This Australian Jewellery Brand Is About to Blow Up

Love it or hate it, Instagram is a great place to find style inspiration and learn about new brands. Once again, thanks to the trusty explore page, we’ve found yet another amazing Australian designer: Kathleen Kedwell.

All the brand’s metal jewellery is made in 22k gold and sterling silver, in pieces that somehow come across as being both classic and unique. In addition, the “Festive Collection” features lightweight colourful earrings crafted from hand-dyed silk. According to the brand’s website, Kedwell “embraces her love for dramatic, unique and timeless pieces” and we must admit, she pulls that off well.  

One especially swoon-worthy aspect of the jewellery to note: many of her pieces combine both silver and gold. No more stressing about matching rings/earrings/necklaces, etc; this brand makes mixing metals okay—and it looks so cool!

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Opening Image Credits: @kathleenkedwelljewels

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