Kate Winslet's Red Carpet Style Has Transformed So Much in 20 Years


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Have you ever seen an old photo of yourself and wondered what in the world could’ve convinced you that that outfit choice was a good idea? I have. In fact I have time and time again. But that’s the beauty of fashion: It’s always changing.

As time passes, trends change, our style evolves, and we like to assume it’s always for the better. But who’s to say… what if we look back on what we are wearing now in the years to come and seriously question the trends we're all following in 2018? I can imagine it now: “transparent purses, teeny tiny sunglasses, yellow… what we were thinking?”

Only in retrospect do we realise how much trends have evolved, and sometimes following along with celebrity outfits over the years makes spotting fashion fads even more obvious. After all, celebrities tend to have much more sartorial freedom. With a never ending stream of events to attend, a larger clothing budget, and a reason to go bold with their looks, celebrity style often epitomises an era that everyday outfits don't quite capture.

While scrolling through Instagram, I recently stumbled across a photo of Kate Winslet on the red carpet in 1998, and I was definitely taken aback. Though we like to assume we’ve fully re-embraced '90s fashion in recent days, her dress confirmed that we’ve only adopted certain aspects of the decade back into our wardrobes, leaving others to remain in the '90s forever (hopefully).

While Winslet didn’t look bad per se, the style of her dress seemed so dramatically dated that it was almost as if the actress wearing it was completely different from the woman we know her as today. Of course, I couldn’t help myself but to investigate a little further by tracking Winslet’s red carpet outfits over the years.

If you’re not convinced yet that celebrity style is an apt representative for tracking trends, this will likely have you sold. From lacy detailing to slick body-hugging silhouettes, Winslet’s red carpet dresses have evolved alongside the general consensus for the past decade; and along the way, it seems like she's found some favourite styles. Click through the gallery below to see how her fashion sense has transformed, reflecting what was “in style”, since 1998.

Feeling inspired? We found a little black dress on Net-a-Porter that Winslet would definitely approve of.

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