This Is the Most Awkward Thing That Can Happen Before a Party

As exciting as dressing up for holiday parties can be, it does come with a certain level of stress. From making sure you meet the dress code to avoiding potential wardrobe malfunctions, there's a lot to think about. Then there's the ultimate party foul: showing up in the same outfit as your friend. In the latest installment of Kate Spade New York's #MissAdventure holiday films, we navigate that very situation.

Zosia Mamet returns after her hilariously successful episode with Anna Kendrick last year for some more witty banter. This time, she's stuck in an elevator with Miss Piggy, and they're both wearing the same furry coat and dress. For 100 floors to the top of the Empire State Building, where the party is being held, these two friends must figure out how to navigate the situation and come out on the other side in style.

Watch for yourself to see what happens!


Kate Spade

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