So, College-Era Kate Middleton Really Loved Early '00s Trends

We know Kate Middleton’s style has changed a lot since she became a royal. For example, she basically never wears certain shoe trends anymore, especially those neon crocs and Ugg boots she was spotted in years ago (you’ve got to see those pictures). Though she will still sneak in a naked shoe here and there. These days she prefers classic pieces, even if they are from stores like Zararemember when she wore that pretty striped dress?

Since her style is so restrained, we thought it may be fun to see the trends she wore back when she didn’t have every outfit dissected by the public. Ahead, the outfits Kate wore while at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she met Prince William during her first year of college, or "uni" as they call it in the UK. From baby hobo bags to super low-rise jeans, she kept up with the best of them when it came to early noughties trends. Scroll down to see for yourself.

The Going-Out Top

Spaghetti straps. Eye-catching colors. Babydoll silhouette. What more could you want? She was out on the town, and her top let you know it! 

Baby Hobo Bag

Kate was apparently dubbed the prettiest girl at Sally's, which is short for St. Salvatore, the dormitory at her university where William dormed too. We're not saying people liked her for her cute lil bag, but we bet it didn't hurt. 

Low-Slung Slip Skirt

Exposed hipbones was the look, and you can bet Middleton was in. 

Baby Tee

This photo is from before university, but we couldn't resist including her cute 'n' tight tee. 

Sports Sunglasses

Who do you think was into the Oakley-looking sunglasses first? We're quite drawn to the alien vibes of her silver pair. 

Coachella-Inspired Headpieces

Or shall we say Glastonbury? The California-based festival wasn't largely popular back in the early '00s, but Paris Hilton–inspired headpieces certainly were. The outfit is likely for a costume party, but the noughties trend still counts! 

Claire's-Inspired Jewelry

Another picture from high school! Middleton had a sassy act in spades, but that's not distracting us from her trendy jewelry.

Low-Rise Jeans

It was honestly hard to find a pair this low-slung to shop out the trend, but we persevered for you. Complete with a wide belt for a completely Kate look.

Up next, so Kate Middleton's new stylist (and former Vogue Editor) is chic.

This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated by Judith Jones.

Opening Image: Getty