The Kate Bosworth–Approved Brand You Don't Know Yet (But Should)

Erin Fitzpatrick

New gig: Kate Bosworth has just been named the new brand ambassador for the family-run Italian label Pinko. "I am thrilled to collaborate with Pinko, a sophisticated brand with a playful approach to fashion," Bosworth said in a statement. "My favourite example of this is in the Shine Baby Shine Sneakers.They create a real wow factor." Once you browse the brand's on-trend wares, we're positive you'll be hooked, too. [Pinko]

Gucci news: WWD reports that Gucci is working on a four-part series of short films, which will star Lou Doillon and be directed by Gia Coppola."Each video, which lasts just over two minutes, depicts a modern interpretation of the classic Greek romance set in present-day New York City," explains WWD. Can't wait! [WWD]

Setting up shop: The Line is officially invading The Hamptons. The cult concept store has set up a beautiful—and 100% shoppable!—store that is full of décor inspiration. Luckily, MyDomaine has the full tour to spare you of the FOMO. Shop The Line's website if you can't make it to The Hamptons.[MyDomaine

Model secrets: Byrdie rounded up 7 amazing skincare tips from models that you should definitely commit to memory. From the best way to remove eye makeup to the importance of a facialist, these pointers are the first step to glowy skin. [Byrdie]  

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