Karlie Kloss Gave Us Her Best Advice for Turning Down a Holiday Party RSVP

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Karlie Kloss may be a multi- (multi-) hyphenate and one of those people who urge the rest of us to ask ourselves but when does she sleep? when it comes to her busy lifestyle, but she takes the holidays pretty seriously, too. Recently, when we had the chance to chat with her, we made sure to get the real scoop on how a busy girl like her actually tackles—and, yes, enjoys—the craziest time of year. Stylishly, of course.

Ahead, Karlie told us what it's really like in the Kloss household—awkward yet adorable family traditions and all—how she dresses to host an epic fête, and even how to turn down a party RSVP. Hey, we've all had to do it.

Scroll down for our chat with Karlie and then watch how she prepares for a holiday party.



WHO WHAT WEAR: Of course the holidays are the best, but they’re not exactly the most relaxing time of the year. How many parties do you go to per week? And what’s the nicest way to turn down an RSVP?

KARLIE KLOSS: The holidays are my favourite time of the year because I get to spend so much time with my friends and family. I find that a lot of my friends host their holiday parties on the same nights, and there’s always one night where I’m bouncing around from party to party to see my friends. If I can’t make it, I always try to send a sweet dessert in my place to each host.

WWW: Tell us about the worst gift you’ve ever received. 

KK: I’m grateful for all the gifts I’ve received throughout the years, but one that stands out in recent memory was a onesie that was two feet too short. It was a great idea, but I couldn’t get any use out of it.

WWW: What’s one holiday tradition you have that’s totally out of the box?

KK: Every holiday season, I always get my sisters and I matching cosy pyjamas. It’s one of my favourite traditions, and it’s so fun to wake up, bake, and spend the morning together in our head-to-do matching sets. 


Let it snow!...flour. ???? #holidaybaking

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WWW: What's your typical holiday style MO?

KK: When I’m home in St. Louis for the holidays, I typically spend the day changing between pyjamas, workout clothes, and cosy sweaters. I like to spend the holidays bundled and comfortable. When I’m going out to a party for the holidays, I love wearing festive dresses and pairing it with a few Swarovski pieces for extra shine.

WWW: What's your advice for putting together the perfect hosting outfit? 

KK: When I’m hosting, I love rocking a simple LBD with statement earrings. I’m also usually popping in and out of the kitchen, so a fun apron can be a great accessory to my holiday look.

WWW: And finally, what's your gift-wrapping style? Do you pile on the bows, prefer to throw everything in bags, etc.?

KK: I want to make a good first impression with my gifts, and I love adding as much care and detail as possible. I typically use a neutral wrapping paper and then add glittery ribbons and bows that stand out. That said, I’m usually wrapping gifts last minute, and when you’re under a time crunch it can sometimes be hard to get creative!

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