People Have a Lot to Say About These "Kangaroo" Jeans

Michelle Scanga

We asked, you answered. In an effort to coin the latest denim style we’ve seen on some of our favourite style influencers and our go-to denim brands, we sourced our Instagram followers for their hilarious and spot-on opinions. At first glance, the jean style is best described as loose with an exaggerated crossover button front, but we were determined to find a playful term to define the trend. Ask and you shall receive.

Our IG followers did not disappoint, with over 300 submissions (you can read all of them for yourself on IG or see a quick preview in the below video). Though we had several submissions in the running, like “denim do-over” submitted by Yasmine Kenawi and “side-slouch” from Shari Corley. Our absolute favourite goes to Melissa DiRubba, who dubbed the look “kangaroo” jeans, and we couldn’t agree with the sentiment more.

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