Kaia Gerber Just Made Us Want Every Single One of These Chanel Bags 

Lauren Eggertsen

Chanel creating a new It bag? Even after all these years, the birth of yet another iconic Chanel handbag still gives us butterflies. This time, designer Karl Lagerfeld welcomed model Kaia Gerber into the very apartment of Mademoiselle Chanel to shoot not one but four of the brand's latest styles for the new S/S 18 handbag ad campaign. Choosing a favourite is an impossible task. Trust us, we tried. 

Besides featuring the booming model the world can't stop talking about, this new campaign highlights the bag nearly every fashion insider carried (and is still carrying) throughout fashion month—the PVC Flap Bag. Considering the fact that this bag is extremely on-trend, is true Instagram candy, and is, well, Chanel, its rampant success was truly no surprise. But that was just one of the styles that Kaia so effortlessly convinced us to purchase. The brand told us that, "In this new campaign, the diversity of the Chanel bags is made clear, and yet they’re all linked by an eternal, instantly recognisable style. The Chanel bag is a true fashion manifesto, a history of women, all women." 

That statement couldn't be truer as Chanel consistently succeeds in creating product—whether it be a handbag or a couture gown—that wins the heart of every person who lays eyes on it. And the handbags featured in this new ad campaign are no exception. From the wildly beloved PVC bags to the adorable vanity case, both the product and the presentation hit the nail on the head for spring 2018.

Surely the images and opportunity to shop these spring stunners have you overwhelmed, so we see it best to leave you now. Chanel can do crazy things to people, and that's why we love it. 

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