The Special Meaning Behind Kacey Devlin's Signature Sleeve Detail


Kacey Devlin

Sydney-based designer Kacey Devlin has been on our radar for the last few years as "one to watch", but when given the opportunity to see the designer's collections up close, it's clear we're not just "watching", but paying close attention. 

With each new collection, we observe a new detail that draws us closer to the brand. The detail and level of thinking that goes into every piece is what keeps us, and the brand's dedicated fans coming back for more each season.

We've spoken in the past about Kacey Devlin's commitment to sustainability, opting to forgo fastenings to give garments a longer life span. 

At a recent collection showing, we heard from Kacey herself, about one of the brands' signature details—its long sleeve cuffs. When quizzed about how they came to be and why, the designer explained, "My biggest source of inspiration comes from quietly observing the modern woman. In reflection, I noticed that a lot of women would fidget with their hands when they were in a state of nervousness or feeling uncomfortable. Our relaxed and slightly deconstructed cuff drapes to cover the wearer's hands or folds into the palm of your hand to give you something to hold on to which disguises any nervous twitches. It's my role but also my biggest privilege to design and produce beautiful pieces that make women feel confident, secure and at complete ease. The design detail in our cuff lets our wearers know what 'we've got you'. The cuff can be found in many of our Shirts and Blouses including the Tapered Deep V Long Blouse, Cy Cy Wrap Blouse and Decon Suited Metallic Wrap Blouse".

Kacey Devlin is an example of a designer creating especially for other women—giving them the tools they need to feel confident in what they choose to wear.  

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