Does It Annoy Hailey Baldwin That Justin’s Outfits Upstage Hers?

Anna LaPlaca

Ever since Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber announced their engagement, the two have been inseparable. No really, they haven't left each other's sides, so much so that it's suddenly newsworthy when we spot one of them emerging solo. From NYC to London, Bieber and Baldwin (wait, has nobody came up with a cute couple nickname for them yet?) have been proving to be quite the celebrity It couple—with the wardrobes to prove it. We've spotted them in coordinating "dad" sneakers and outfitted in every hypebeast/hypebae's dream wardrobe. 

Up until now, though, it's been Baldwin whose signature edgy, streetwear-inflected ensembles we've talked about at length, but Bieber clearly isn't ok with sitting back and letting his model fiancé take up all the sartorial spotlight. No, he's a style star in his own right, ok, and recently we've noticed him making a concerted effort to up his 'fit game just to prove it. What started as a few innocent pool slides and Hawaiian-print bro shirts quickly evolved into an aesthetic in its own right. We see what you're doing here, Bieber.

We're not saying that HB hasn't been serving up killer style these days (she has), but we can't help but wonder, with a budding style icon like Bieber by her side experimenting with so many new looks, is Hailey ever annoyed that he's been upstaging her street style at every turn? After all, she's the one who's more known for how she dresses, and here comes Bieber trying his hand at the whole fashion thing. Stealing your thunder a bit, Hailey? Scroll down to see Bieber's standout outfits as of late and decide for yourself how you think Hailey feels about it all.

The jury's still out on Hailey's thoughts and feelings. 

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