Workout Apparel So Chic You'll Want to Jump-Start Your New Year's Resolution

It's the holiday season, which means you're probably indulging in a bit more than usual, and we're all for that. Champagne, sweets, and delicious home-cooked meals are an essential (and delicious) part of this time of year. If you're beginning to feel a bit sluggish and foggy, however, and think you might benefit a bit by getting your body moving, we've got good news. We've rounded up the latest activewear pieces and accessories that are not only workout essentials (i.e., breathable, moveable, comfortable, and sweat-wicking), but they're also chic, making it that much easier to get off the couch and lace up your sneakers.

Waiting until 2019 to finally try that fitness class you've been eyeing? Let these pieces serve as a source of inspiration because it's a fact that when you feel comfortable and stylish, you're more likely to face a new fitness challenge, head on. Jump-start your resolution (or just simply get inspired to go for a post-dinner walk, we're not judging) with our favorite looks from JoyLab and more. 

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