Fashion Girls Will Freak Out Over This New Shoe Line

Lauren Eggertsen

Cue the freakout—British brand Joseph has just launched a new wave of footwear. This collection coincides with its beloved womenswear line and is the perfect edgy counterpart to the minimalistic ready-to-wear classics Joseph is recognised for. Taking a step toward a new venture, creative director Louise Trotter introduced this collection of footwear with the intention of capturing the essence of menswear styles and reworking them for a woman’s wardrobe. Just one example of the variety of sophisticated flare that this collection brings is the classic Chelsea boot style, which has been re-created with a slenderer toe and feminine white leather.

You can find all of the styles featured online, with some available now, and the rest ready only for preorder. This new addition to the brand will definitely turn some fashionable heads and subsequently fly off the shelves.

Shop a few of our favourites from the collection below!

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