Jordyn Woods Says the Term Plus Size Can "Create Segregation"


Addition Elle

Jordyn Woods and Ashley Graham might not have a ton in common at first glance. Graham’s been vocal about her humble Nebraska upbringing and success in fashion against the odds of looking different than other (namely, size-2) models. Woods, however, close to 10 years younger, is practically a household name already as the best friend of Kylie Jenner and one of the stars of the Life of Kylie. But this week, Woods follows in the footsteps of Graham, the Vogue cover model and body-positivity advocate, as she launches her own collection with Addition Elle.

In the same show that featured Graham’s 16th lingerie collection with the Canadian retailer, Woods brought her first line to the masses with a walk on the New York Fashion Week runway. Fortunately, she was able to set aside some time to chat with us at the pop-up event. “Addition Elle is one of the companies that I’ve worked with since the beginning of my career,” Woods told us the morning of her runway show. “What’s different about them, unlike most plus-size clothing, is that the quality of the clothes is there, and the fit. They actually care about making something stylish. So when they approached me to do a collection with them I was like, ‘Yeah, of course!’”

Thankfully for her nearly four million Instagram followers who admire Woods for her streetwear-meets-bombshell style, her debut line, called Love & Legend, is 100% her. “The denim jacket is very my style—with the oversize and its crop—the kimono, the matching pants,” she starts pointing out when we ask about the trends. She adds that finding comfort is the “ultimate goal” with her style choices and that the ’90s also have a big influence. You can see that right away in the line’s ripped denim, touches of velvet, and subdued color palette.

While it nearly goes without saying that Woods has positioned herself as one of the most powerful advocates for body diversity in fashion, there’s something else this up-and-coming star has in common with Graham: She’s not a fan of the term plus size. “There’s no reason that we need to be labeled. Labels create segregation,” Woods, who’s been quite vocal on the topic, tells us. “It’s amazing to be different, and you should own your individuality, but we all should feel like we are one.”

As for Woods’s preferred way to celebrate our unique qualities? She says it’s in the way she hopes her fans interpret her designs. “My styling tip is to find what your favorite thing is and style it how you want to.”

Love & Legend is available on Addition Elle right now. Shop some of the standout products below, and then take a look at Woods’s collection in action on the runway.

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