Jessica Biel Wears the 5 Shoe Styles Everyone Needs

Bobby Schuessler

Getty Images

Jessica Biel just gets it. It doesn’t matter where she’s going. She consistently steps out in all the outfits we want to wear. Remember this recent skinny-jean ensemble? While we pay special attention to every outfit detail, it’s her shoe selection that’s of most interest to us right now.

After sifting through a variety of her best street style looks over the last year, we realised that Biel has worn the five footwear silhouettes we all need in our wardrobes. That’s right. Most of her shoe styles are practical and work with a variety of different types of ensembles. Versatility is the key to any good wardrobe, if you ask us. Curious about which silhouettes made the cut? Keep scrolling to check out Biel’s five-piece shoe wardrobe. Plus, shop inspired styles if you’re looking to kick it just like she does.

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