So… Jen Atkin Is Secretly a Makeup Guru—Here's Her Routine for Proof

Amanda Montell

Few hairstylists have careers as impressive as Jen Atkin. The 38-year-old celebrity hairstylist and entrepreneur is responsible for the cuts and 'dos of basically every single one of your biggest Instagram follows, from the Kardashians to Bella Hadid to Chrissy Teigen. She's also the founder of cult hair care brand Ouai and a social media genius (name another hairstylist who has over 2.7 million IG followers, I'll wait).

Much has been written about the hairstyling tips and personal regimen of Jen Atkin, but amidst all the hair-related hubbub, we couldn't help but notice that almost no one has stopped to ask Jen about her makeup routine. The woman has a signature look that seems to work so well for her—flawless skin, flick of liquid eyeliner, touch of colour on the lips. Plus, she's friends with some of the best celeb makeup artists in the biz, like Mary Phillips and Mario Dedivanovic. We figured she had to have some pretty legit products in her arsenal, so we hit Jen Atkin up and asked her to spill every makeup product she uses on the daily to create her effortless, almost French girl–esque look. Keep scrolling to shop Jen Atkin's everyday makeup routine. 

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